Organics in Denmark

Denmark is an ancient agricultural country with rich traditions, which today is challenged by increased requirements of modern consumers. Especially health, the environment and animal welfare are at the forefront of the Danish consumers' attention. As a result, Denmark has evolved into a leader within the organic farming.

State control

Starting in 1987, Denmark was the first country in the world to establish governmental rules for organic production and an efficient state-control of organic foodstuffs and producers. Producers who fulfil the strict criteria can sport the well-respected Ø-mark on their products.

Organics - a story of success

During the 1990's, the Danish retail sector started to put organic foods on the market. Today, all Danish supermarkets offer a great variety of organic products. Thus, Danish consumers  do not need to visit speciality stores or farm-shops for buying organic products- they can find it all in their local supermarket.

In recent years, Danes have become mass-consumers of organic products. No other country sells more organic products per capita than Denmark. In this way, the overall sales of organic products have increased by over 80 per cent since 2003.

Organics in new varieties

The heavy consumerism of organic products has encouraged producers to create new organic product ranges, such as organic ice cream or organically raised fish. In recent years, as much as 52 per cent new organic products have found their way to retail shelves.

Organics also in Danish companies and public institutions

The growing trend towards organic products has also reached a range of Danish companies; they provide organic dishes for their employees. But also public authorities in Denmark support the organic sector by their "green purchase policy" which ensures that organic food is served in retirement homes, schools and other institutions such as nurseries and borstals.

Organic farming

Together with the development of renewable energy sources, the introduction of environmental policies and energy-research, the organic movement contributes to develop Denmark into a green and healthy country.

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